Online Singing Lessons

Private Voice lessons

Our online private voice lessons teach the fundamentals of healthy singing techniques through fun and engaging instruction and exercises.

You may book single lessons or join our monthly membership. With our monthly membership, you will save money and reserve the same lesson time every week. There are no contracts involved! Your membership includes four private lessons per month.

Please note: Our system will not allow you to reschedule class times less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson. You may reschedule your lessons as many times as you’d like, as long as they are within your current billing cycle.

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Single Lesson Rates:

FREE 30 Minute Trial Lesson here
30 Minute Private Lesson- $29.25 +GST
45 Minute Private Lesson- $43.75 +GST

Monthly Membership:

Bi-Weekly 45 Minute Private Lessons- $81.50/month +GST

Weekly 30 Minute Private Lessons- $108.50/month +GST

Weekly 45 Minute Private Lessons- $157.25/month +GST

Why take online voice lessons with me?

Improve your vocal control

Together we will work on improving vocal range, vibrato, belting, vowel placement, endurance, tone quality, intonation, agility and much more!

Enhance your performance skills

We will work to improve your stage presence, performance skills and musical interpretation.

Build connections with other musicians

Meet other singers in our group lessons, monthly Open Mic nights and/or quarterly Recitals! You can also connect on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Find your unique vocal style

Singing is a great way to feed your creativity and explore your craft, artistry and self expression.

Develop healthy vocal habits

Singing brings awareness to the sounds we produce, making us more attentive to our speech patterns. We will discuss how to prevent vocal damage caused from everyday speaking habits.

Build your self confidence

There are many studies that prove sharing your voice with others is a great way to boost confidence, lower stress levels, improve your mood and develop communication skills

Start your musical journey today!

Sebastiano Trombetta
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“Jill is a very patient, humble, and helpful instructor. She explains things in a very understanding way that makes learning fun and easy. She also puts you to the test and challenges your capabilities as a musician. Would definitely recommend!”
Wendy Luo
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“Working and learning from Jill really improved my voice, not just how it sounds but also in terms of technique and learning how to take care of my voice with various methods. Before learning how to sing better, my vocal range was very limited, but as Jill trained me into becoming a better and smarter singer, my voice grew and I could sing a bigger number of songs. So this experience is definitely worth trying if you're looking towards a more musical path.”
Gabriela Ostaficiuc
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“I was so happy with how the online lessons worked out for my family. We were not sure if the quality of instruction would transfer, but Jill has really made it a seamless transition. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised at how convenient and easy it was to work around our busy schedules. It's also great to have recordings of the lessons to look back on, so we can be engaged and kept in the loop with our son's progress and musical abilities at any time of the day. We just love how this all worked out. Thanks, Jill!”
Karen Tuttrip
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“Jill puts you at ease, gives practical suggestions and makes singing fun! Her approach is to ask about the student’s goals and create a voice lesson based on those goals. She is comfortable with various genres. The music I’m working on includes pop, classical and religious pieces. After a couple of lessons with Jill, already I notice a big improvement. She has lots of tips to help improve pitch, breath and range. Jill is classically trained, and for me it’s fun to be able to ask her anything about singing and music theory. What really helps me improve my skills are her practical suggestions, which are very helpful."