Jill O’Connell

My story began as a small child in Calgary!

I grew up watching my Dad sing and play guitar with his band. I was always fascinated with the dedication and passion in which he practised his craft.

I was 5 years old when I first sang on stage. It felt to me as though my life was meant to be intertwined with music. From that moment, my musical journey began.

The following years were full of excitement and hard work. I joined band, choir, and musical theatre from Elementary School through to High School graduation, where I received the Musician of the Year award. I broadened my experience by auditioning for vocal competitions and landing various roles with local musical theatre companies and performing arts companies.

I started teaching dance and voice lessons, I wrote and recorded my own music, formed an acapella group, and travelled with performing companies to DisneyLand, San Francisco, New York and more! Pursuing music as my career had begun.

Pursuing my true passions...

I completed my Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance at the University of Calgary. I auditioned for the Voice program, and was accepted into the elite group of Performance Majors.

Studying music post secondary was very challenging and equally rewarding. Being surrounded by other musicians, inspiring teachers and a musical environment allowed me to grow into the performer I am today.

Music has always spoken to my soul, and I am excited to share what I have learned and experienced!

Highlights of my musical journey

Music has brought some amazing experiences and adventures into my life. The following are a few defining moments in my career thus far: 

Symphony Soloist
I was honoured to be chosen as the soprano soloist for the Canadian debut of Johan de Meij’s Symphony No. 5 ‘Return to Middle Earth.’ This challenging opportunity inspired me immensely and deepened my love for performing.

University Recitals
In University, I completed a solo Junior and Senior recital. Each performance involved a full year of rehearsal and preparation. I learned about the rewards of discipline, hard work and consistency.

Writing and recording my own music was a unique experience that introduced me to the process of music production. Collaborating with other musicians encouraged me to explore my artistic style.

Find Your Voice!

My journey has lead to the creation of Da Capo Voice Studio. I want to use my talents to help others discover their musical potential. Singing and performing has allowed me to find my voice on and off stage. Let me help you find YOUR voice.

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